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John Lavery
Chamber: Room Lvl 6 – 466 Lt
Admitted: 02/11/1983
Called to Bar: 31/05/1990
Date Appointed Silk:
Qualifications: BEC, LLB


John was admitted to practice in October 1983 and worked as a solicitor in private practice and at the Legal Aid Commission of Victoria prior to joining the bar in March 1990. 

His practice at the bar has been primarily in the area of criminal law but has also extended into areas associated with that, such as Coronial inquests, intervention orders, crime compensation applications (for both applicants and respondents), judicial review and other quasi-criminal tribunal work. He has appeared in all the criminal jurisdictions in the state, as well as appearing in interstate courts. His circuit practice has included all of the Circuit courts in the state and has also included almost all Magistrates’ Courts in Victoria. His practice has included appearing on behalf of the accused charged with all of the more common criminal offences tried in the higher courts as well as quite a few of the less common ones. He has also appeared in the following reported and unreported cases:


Abdulgini Klink v The Queen [2014] VSCA 325

Davison v Kempson & Ors [2018] VSCA 51

Kheir v The Queen [2014] VSCA 200

Dillon (a pseudonym) v The Queen [2014] VSCA 164

DPP v Kuru [2009] VSCA 206

DPP v Brendan Ralph [2007] VSCA 305

The Queen v Troy Bassie [2009] VSCA 120

Rixon v Thompson [2009] VSCA 84

The Queen v Anders [2009] VSCA 7

The Queen v Brendon Michael Dick [2008] VSCA 176

The Queen v Phuc Van Diep [2003] VSCA 203

The Queen v Quincy Detenamo [2007] VSCA 160

The Queen v Evans [2003] VSCA 223

Magistrates’ Court of Victoria at Heidelberg v Robinson & Anor [2000] VSCA 198

DPP v R E E [2002] VSCA 65

Gulet Ahmed v The Queen [2012] VSCA 200



Kuek v Victoria Legal Aid & Anor [2015] VSC 48

BR v Victims of Crime Assistance Tribunal [2009] VSC 152

Robinson v Paterson [1999] VSC 60

Kerr v Colley [2002] VSC 209

Simjanoski v La Trobe University [2004] VSC 180

R v Charles [2009] VSC 667

DPP v Loftus [2004] VSC 39

Junek v Busuttil [2004] VSC 115

Jandreoski v Colley [2004] VSC 131

Onus v Sealey [2004] VSC 396

Schloss; In re Farfalla [2002] VSC 385

R v Artis [2004] VSC 188

R v Raimundo [2015] VSC 550

The Queen v Hutchison [2015] VSC 405

DPP v Venier-Moro [2015] VSC 704

R v Butler [2009] VSC 630

DPP v Fodero [2008] VSC 46

Bloomfield v Haralabakos & Anor [2007] VSC 279

R v Warburton [2006] VSC 446

Engebretson v Bartlett [2007] VSC 163

Wilson v DPP [2005] VSC 517

R v Detenamo [2005] VSC 411

Stephens v Melis and The Magistrates Court at Moe [2002] VSC 263

DPP v Harika [2001] VSC 237

Walford v Mckinney [1997] 2VR 353

Norton v Morphett [1995] VSC 211

YY v ZZ & Anor [2013] VSC 743

Chief Commissioner of Police v Rigg [2004] VSC 448

Le v Collins [2004] VSC 524


John holds an Indictable Crime Certificate and is a member of the Victoria Legal Aid preferred barrister list.


Practice Areas

Commercial Law
Proceeds of Crime, Traffic / Motor Vehicle,
Criminal Law
Proceeds of Crime, Traffic / Motor Vehicle,
Inquests, Inquiries, Tribunals & Commissions


John Lavery