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About Holmes List Barristers


Holmes List Barristers is recognised as a leading criminal, administrative and family law List. The List was established in 1992 by Head Clerk, Paul Holmes. Renowned for its high quality service and dedicated staff, today, it has grown to approximately 200 members.

Our barristers are supported by a large loyal community of solicitors allowing them to represent individuals, government agencies, community organisations, and corporations Australia wide.

Our List offers the legal profession free Continuing Professional Development via or Online CPD Platform. Content is updated regularly and is open to all List members to contribute at any time.

Our Goal

To provide professional personal service and support to our barristers and the legal profession.

This is achieved through hard work, dedicated experienced staff, and by using leading legal software built specifically for barristers.

Holmes List Barristers Benefits

Clerks with experience

Our clerks have an extensive knowledge of the expertise of our List members. This allows them to liaise with solicitors to help match them with the best choice of representation for each matter.

The longevity of our clerks has enabled them to build respect and trust within the legal profession. Solicitors can rely on recommendations made to them by our team.

Our Clerks are dedicated to providing opportunities and support (professionally and personally) to barristers throughout their career. They are always available for an open conversation regarding a barristers practice.

Leading Diary and Accounts program

At Holmes List Barristers we use leading legal software built specifically for barristers.

Our online diary and accounts can be accessed 24 hours a day all year round. Diary entries are instantaneous with availability provided to solicitors within seconds.

The diary is continually enhanced to provide a greater service to users and the profession we cater to.

Pioneers of eBrief Ready

Our list was the first list at the Victorian Bar to offer electronic briefing to barristers and solicitors.

Today, thousands of barristers, legal firms and government agencies use eBrief Australia wide. Ninety five per cent of briefs we now receive are via eBrief.

Each booking taken by a clerk will send an eBrief link to an instructor. This provides the solicitor with premium eBrief access to create and share a brief.

In November 2022 Holmes List Barristers received an Australian Legal Technology Association Award (ALTA). Awarded for the best implementation of legal tech (eBrief Ready).

Online CPD Platform

Holmes List Barristers has a dedicated platform for Continuing Professional Development. All content is free and can be viewed or listened to at any time.

New content is uploaded regularly and conveniently sent to your inbox.

The popularity of our site has seen it grow to over 1100 active registered users!

Our List accepts applications from existing interstate and local barristers, and twice yearly intakes of Victorian junior barrister Readers.
Informal enquiries are invited to be made to Paul Holmes: