03 9225 6444
03 9225 6444
03 9225 6444
Ewan Hall
P: +61 3 9225 7171
Chamber: Room 1216, Owen Dixon Chambers West
Admitted: 06/05/1996
Called to Bar: 29/04/2004
Date Appointed Silk:
Qualifications: BA; LLB (Hons) 1995; LLM 2007


Ewan accepts briefs to appear and provide written advice in family law matters.

Ewan specialises in family law matters and regularly appears in court for pre-trial hearings, final hearings, and appeals.

Prior to coming to the bar in 2004, Ewan practised at a leading Melbourne family law firm for seven years and became accredited as a family law specialist by the Law Institute of Victoria. He contributed to socio-legal research by the Australian Institute of Family Studies regarding allegations of family violence in parenting proceedings at the advent of the 2006 shared parenting law reforms and has published articles regarding family law both in Australia and England.

Ewan completed a Master of Laws in 2007 and was admitted to practise in England and Wales where he practised as a solicitor with a leading London family law practice for three years.

Since returning to the Victorian Bar in 2010 Ewan has specialised in family law matters, regularly appearing at pre-trial hearings, mediations, interim defended hearings, trials and appeals.

Trial judgments in which Ewan has appeared include:


Dismissal of application to relocate child intrastate or overseas:

Anderson & Salinos [2022] FedCFamC1F 976

Dismissal of application to relocate child interstate:

Dalmeda & McCline (No. 2) [2020] FCCA 2502

Residence and relocation proceedings:

Neal & Sheehy [2021] FedCFamC2F 74 (22 September 2021)


Dismissal of property application pursuant to Family Law Act 1975, s79(2) applying Stanford [2012] HCA 13:

Carver & Munshi [2022] FedCFamC2F 607

Dismissal of property application pursuant to Family Law Act 1975, s79(2)

Paxton & Paxton [2016] FCCA 1689

Findings of waste and dismissal of property application pursuant to s79(2):

Whent & Marbrand [2017] FCCA 1873

Dismissal of application for s90RD declaration of a de facto relationship:

Sinclair & Hatcher [2014] FCCA 395

Property settlement proceedings pursuant to s79:

Burke & Burke [2021] FamCA 1


Full Court appeal against trial judge’s property determination:

Palumbo & Mandel [2019] FamCAFC 228

Dismissal of appeal against s79(2) dismissal:

Whent & Marbrand [2018] FamCAFC 95


Practice Areas

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Commercial Law
Bankruptcy Law & Insolvency Law, Property & Probate, Testator's Family Maintenance, Superannuation,
Criminal Law
Intervention Orders,
Equity & Trusts
Family Provision, Wills & Probate,
Family Law
Family Provision, Parenting Orders, Property Disputes,


Ewan Hall