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Melissa Mahady
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Melissa is an experienced trial advocate practising in Criminal Law.

She completed articles at Galbally & O’Bryan in 1999 and signed the bar roll in 2000.

Melissa has appeared extensively in criminal matters in all Victorian jurisdictions both as defence counsel and prosecution counsel and has also appeared in NSW, Tasmania and Western Australia.

In the County Court she has appeared in trials and pleas covering areas as diverse as culpable driving, drugs, sexual offences, violence and fraud. 

An interest in how mental health intersects with the criminal law has led to apperances in mental impairment hearings in both the Supreme Court and the County Court and fitness to plead investigations and special hearings in the County Court.

In the Coroners’ Court she has appeared in the Inquest into the Death of SF.

As junior counsel she has appeared in many cases including in the High Court and the Tasmanian Court of Criminal Appeal with Grace Q.C. (see Saxby v The Queen [2011] HCATrans 209 (12 August 2011), Saxby v R [2011] TASCCA 1 (7 February 2011)).  She has also appeared in the Supreme Court of Victoria and the Supreme Court of Tasmania with Faris Q.C. during which she drafted and ran legal argument. (R v Mokbel (Magnum Ruling No 1) [2010] VSC 541 (25 November 2010).

She has prosecuted County Court circuits for the Director of Public Prosecution.

She was selected to appear in two circuits as defence counsel in the VLA block briefing pilot conducted in the Latrobe Valley in 2013.

Melissa is a current member of the Victorian Bar Ethics Committee.

An example of cases:

Magistrates Court of Victoria

R v. Bateman (2014) – Commonwealth Fraud Contest 

R v. Payne (2014)  – Arson committal 

R v. Conn, Bucay & Beevers (2014) – Arson committal 

R v. Gill (2014) – Culpable Driving committal 

R v. Cekuc, Bekar, Yorouden, Kilic, Aslan, Charaani, Mrad, Killic , Halabi & Yusuf (2010) – Affray and injury charges committal 

R v. Selway (2005) – Murder committal (as Junior Defence counsel)


Children’s Court of Victoria

R v. D (2014) – Attempted murder bail application 


Coroners Court of Victoria

Investigation into death the of SF (2014)


County Court of Victoria

R v. Al-Manshad (2015) – Injury charges

R v. Baird (2015) – Recklessly Cause Injury

R v. Edwards (2015)  –  Fitness Investigation

R v. Kin Liu (2014) – Commonwealth drug charges 

R v. Whyte, Johnson and Peoples (2014) – Armed robbery 

R v. McDonald (2014) – Sexual offences against child 

R v. DJ (2014)– Sexual offences against child (Fitness Investigation and Special Hearing)

R v. TZ (2014) – Aggravated Burglary, Conduct Endangering Person, Breach Intervention Order

R v. Stevenson (2013) – Culpable driving  

R v. Renee Winfield (2008) – Commercial quantity drugs 

R v. Carideo  (2005) – Conspiracy to pervert the course of justice 


Supreme Court of Victoria

R v. Mokbel (Magnum Ruling No 1) [2010] VSC 541 (25 November 2010) – Commercial quantity drugs (Junior Defence Counsel)

R v. Alipek & Saltmarsh [2004] VSC 206 (18 June 2004) Attempted Murder trial (Junior Prosecution Counsel)

R v. Denson, Guthrie & Watt (2003) Murder trial (Junior Defence Counsel)

A number of mental impairment reviews appearing for the Attorney General.


District Court of NSW

R v. Ryan (2015) – rape, false imprisonment, injury charges 






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Melissa Mahady